Contact Keeper

Your contact book is now digital

Managing a paper address book used to be something of pain and misery. Using one was even worse. With its intuitive design, Contact Keeper is an address book for the future. Store an unlimited number of contacts or businesses without having to tear our pages to re-alphabetize, and actually have the ability to change contact information! Obviously, it has the advantages of being digital and very tangible, however, it does offer many unique features which rival its competitors.

Dialing phone numbers, and composing e-mails are two of Contact Keeper's most unique features. Click the Dial button next to any phone number onscreen, and your modem will automatically begin dialing the number for you! All you have to do is pick up the phone! Compose e-mails on the fly by control or command clicking the e-mail address, and your default mail program will open with the message automatically addressed to the contact.

We also realize that there are many other computer address books online and that you will not want to retype in all of your data. That's why Contact Keeper offers a powerful import function which allows easy importing of the universal vCard format (compatible with Apple's Address Book), as well as offers a powerful advanced import engine which allows individual field mapping with custom field and record delimiters.

Our address book also serves as an essential birthdays and anniversaries reminder software tool. Choose the Check Dates option to have Contact Keeper scan for upcoming special dates within your contacts information. Also, rename any field of your choosing to match the data in it more closely. For example, you can rename the Birthday field for the selected contact to something like Hired Date.

Contact Keeper


Contact Keeper 4.3.3